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What is “Bento”?


What is bento?

Even though bento is simply a boxed lunch, it is an important part of Japanese food culture. A bento box can be made of plastic, wood, or lacquer. It has compartments and a lid. It can be decorated with a solid color, cartoon characters, or seasonal Japanese scenes.

If bento is a boxed lunch, what’s inside? The simple answer is anything you want. There is not one specific menu or recipe for bento; you can have rice, meat, fish, noodles, and vegetables.

For decades bento has been synonymous with lunch for school children and sold at train stations, and now bento shops are in big Japanese cities to serve lunch to busy workers on the go. In places such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka, bento delivery is a big hit. Bento is everywhere in Japan.

Here in New York City, BentOn offers the same convenient delivery of healthy bento, so you can have a taste of Japan at lunchtime!

Bento at BentOn

At BentOn, we work hard to fill each bento with a balance of healthy Japanese food. With many different styles of bento each day and a new menu every week, BentOn offers variety that is delicious and nutritious. Here’s what you’ll find in every BentOn bento:

  • Healthy, Balanced Menu
    Each bento contains meat (beef, pork, or chicken) and fish that are broiled, fried, or grilled; seasonal vegetables grown locally and in Japan; and rice, of course.
  • Convenience at the Right Price
    We understand that New Yorkers are busy, and we know that going out for lunch can be expensive. So we deliver reasonably priced bento right to your office. What can be more convenient than that?
  • Five Colors
    The Japanese like to include five colors – white, black, red, green, yellow – to each dish. BentOn’s fish, meats, and vegetables always have brilliant color, so our bento is both delicious and beautiful.

So check out our menu and let BentOn deliver healthy, balanced lunches to YOUR OFFICE today!