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Gift Card


What is a “Gift Card” ? /ギフトカードって何?
 It’s a convenient way to pre-pay for your purchases.
 You don’t need to carry your cash !



How to get a card ? /どこで手に入るの?
 You can order a card at BentOn/BentOn CafeWebsite.
 Or you can buy a card at BentOn Cafe.
 BentOnオンラインでもBentOn Cafeの店頭でも購入出来ます!
How to use the card ? /どうやって使うの?
 The card can be used at BentOn online order form(BENTO/Catering) and BentOn Cafe(45st/FiDi store).
 BentOn online order form:
   →Please type your card number(16 digit on the back of your card) to the “Gift Card #”.

 BentOn Cafe (store):
   →Please show your card with your purchases to the register.

 オンラインオーダー(BentOn)では”gift card#”の欄にカードの後ろの16桁の番号を記入してください。
 店舗(BentOn Cafe)では、レジにてご提示してください。


How to recharge your card? /リチャージ方法。
 You can recharge your card as many as you want.
 You can recharge at BentOn (online payment *will be installed soon) and BentOn Cafe register too.

 BentOnのオンラインペイメントでも(間もなく導入されます!)、BentOn Cafeのレジでもチャージが可能。

Any rewards? (^^) /特典!
 You can get 5% bonus from more than $20 card!!

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