tel : (718) 392-3686 / fax : (718) 392-3660

how to order (for new customer)


Delivery Area

-We will check your address to see if whether we can deliver or not.

-If you have any inquiries by phone, please contact us after 1:00pm

(Unfortunately, we can not deliver the first day of your inquiry if it is not within our delivery area.)

Hours of Service and Ordering

-For same day orders:

Orders are taken from 8:30am-10:00am by phone

For Online Order Form (not email order) by 10:00am

If the bento is sold out before 10:00am, we will not take any more orders.

-For advanced orders:

We can take your order 24 hours by Online or fax and after 1:00pm by phone.

-Within the delivery area, there are no minimum orders.

- If you have more than 10 orders, please let us know in advance.

Delivery Area

We will charge $0.50 as a delivery fee in some locations outside of the Manhattan area.

How to Pick up

When our delivery staff gets to your place, we will give you a call.

Please pick up your Bento in the front of your building as soon as possible.

If he/she cannot reach you, waiting time is 10 minutes, and then your Bento will be cancelled for that day.

We will ask you for the cancellation fee (the price of your Bento).

How to Cancel

For same day cancellations:

- We accept until 10:00am by phone only

For advanced cancellation:

- We will take your cancellation 24 hours by online or fax and after 1:00pm by phone.