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“Free BentOn premium short grain rice” for all Saturday Daily-bento orders from L.I.C.
(White 3lb / Brown 3lb )
*The new campaign starts from August 1st(Sunday)~ August 29th(Saturday)

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“Matcha green tea cheesecake”

Congratulations on “Reopen N.Y.C”!

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BentOn has own delivery people for all online orders.
Due to expand COVID-19, our delivery person carry portable alcohol sanitiser.


Summer item in NY!
”The Midsummer Day of the Ox” : Doyouno Ushinohi!!
Be safe and healthy at home or office 🙂

Unadon is a classic Japanese dish that consists of steamed rice topped with grilled eel fillets that are glazed with a sweetened soy-based sauce (called tare) and caramelized, preferably over charcoal fire. Unadon is a short word for Unagi (eel) Donburi (rice bowl dish).

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About us

The Early Years
BentOn was founded in 2006 by TORU FURUKAWA. The first factory was opened the Lower East Side of Manhattan as FUJI Catering from “AZUMA CATERING” in TOKYO,JAPAN.
Mr. FURUKAWA from a family of BENTO makers from Tokyo Japan, and the first to bring “Authentic and Traditional JAPANESE BENTO culture” to New York City.

A Rise to Fame
In 2009, BentOn started to work with Non-profit “TABLE FOR TWO“.
In 2012, BentOn opened a first cafe at “midtown east 45th Street” with different variety of packed bentos.
In 2013, BentOn opened a second Cafe at “downtown FiDi“with new service called “BENTO on demand”. Well-balanced nutrients, daily menu. Never get bored … BENTO your way. We hope you have the bento you want.
In 2014, BentOn established “Catering service” for parties and events. BentOn Catering can accommodate small events from 10 to 1,000 people.
In 2015, BentOn started to be a partnership with JAPAN SOCIETY” for the family program.
In 2016, BentOn opened a 3,000 sqft “BENTO Factory” in Long Island City to expand catering service.
In 2017, MENYA JIRO“-kagoshima authentic ramen- collaboration opened at downtown FiDI.
In 2017, BentOn started to join “JAPAN Fes“-street food festival-.
In 2018, BentOn opened a Cart at Urbanspace Vanderbilt Food Hall with new concept: Casual Japanese food to go sushi / poke / teriyaki.