~Meal Kit Item~
Cold Noodle HIYASHI CHUKA with fresh whole tomato
-Limited edition kit-


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★"Limit Edition Kitは現在日替わり弁当配送可能エリアのみへの配達となります"
★配送に関するお問い合わせはこちらまで→contact us

★美味しいトマトまるまる冷やし中華 Kit
– 中華麺|冷凍可(boiled in hot water in 3min)
– まるまるトマト|冷凍不向き(Ready to eat)
– 冷やし中華タレ|冷凍可(Ready to eat)
– きゅうり|冷凍不向き(Ready to eat)
– 自家製焼き豚|冷凍可(Ready to eat)
– 錦糸卵|冷凍可(Ready to eat)
*Please DO NOT open each pouch when boiling
*BentOn Kit is a meal prep item. Out Kit keep fresh in your fridge for 3-5 days, and is ready to enjoy in 10 minutes or less:)
*要冷蔵 Please Keep refrigerated

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